Thursday, April 26, 2012

113-366 somedays it's just takeout and a camera phone...

Doesn't look too appetizing, but it sure tasted good ;-)

112-366 dogwood

112-366 dogwood, originally uploaded by saralonde.

111-366 Rainy Day

111-366 Rainy Day, originally uploaded by saralonde.

110-366 "no parking"

110-366 "no parking", originally uploaded by saralonde.

Just an excuse to play around with PS CS6.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

109-366 Lily

109-366 Lily, originally uploaded by saralonde.

108-366 bakery bread

108-366 bakery bread, originally uploaded by saralonde.

Some days you just need to rely on your phone for the shot.

107-366 butterfly

107-366 butterfly, originally uploaded by saralonde.

I went outside early in the morning to get a pic of my blooming dogwood for my picture of the day. I was astounded to see about a dozen butterflies all over my flowering shrubs. I had no idea they had been doing that!

I guess it pays to get out a bit earlier, LOL!

106-366 hyacinth

106-366 hyacinth, originally uploaded by saralonde.

Another attempt at playing with HDR in a slightly more realistic way than before. Just looks a little to unrealistically sharp to me.

105-366 just chillin'

105-366 just chillin', originally uploaded by saralonde.

I'm imagining all kinds of conversations between these fish...

Monday, April 16, 2012

104-366 strawberries with breakfast

Sunday, April 15, 2012

103-366 coffee and messy desk

103-366 coffee and messy desk, originally uploaded by saralonde.

102-366 "Sweaty and out of paint"

Fascinating stuff, grafitti

101-366 an aberration from the norm

I don't do HDR. In general, I don't even like it, though I have seen some that are quite impressive. So while I've been exploring the beta version of CS6, I decided to try the Photoshop version.

I spent way too much time trying to do this and come up with something I liked. I failed. I am not very happy with the outcome, but the process was interesting. Of course, I did this with only one image so that may be a big part of the problem. I may try this again after reading a few tutorials ;)


100-366, originally uploaded by saralonde.

One lone train engine passing by.


99-366, originally uploaded by saralonde.

LOL, this is my Easter Day photo. It was crowded with people waiting for their tables just a moment before. Now there is just a few at the end watching the Pirates beat the Phillies.

98-366 grape hyacinths

98-366 grape hyacinths, originally uploaded by saralonde.

I had to take a pic of these because I didn't know I still had them. They just popped up half under my biggest poppy plant.

97-366 yeah, I know, a cat picture

at least it's not another flower ;)

I promise I will swear off the kitty shots (for at least awhile) and cut back on the flowers, too, but at this time of the year it's so hard.

Actually, this is because I was trying to make my own PS actions a little better, cleaning them up and adding variables. Not to sell or give away, just to simplify my editing :).

96-366 bye bye arena

96-366 bye bye arena, originally uploaded by saralonde.

This is just a shot of the tearing down of the Mellon Arena in Pittsburgh. It was commonly known as "The Igloo" because of it's domelike shape (with retractable roof) and because it was the home of the Penguins hockey team.

95-366 testing out the broken lens

Decided to see if my 50mm would work after the terrible drop. After all the back lens was just chipped around the side.

Alas the focusing was way off...

94-366 proud purple poppy

94-366 proud purple poppy, originally uploaded by saralonde.

I love the color of this poppy!

93-366 The bees are buzzing

93-366 The bees are buzzing, originally uploaded by saralonde.

This is just a result of playing around with pixlr-o-matic. Just a free program that you can use to give instagram like effects to pics on your computer.

92-366 My favorite prime went kerplunk! :-(

It happened April Fool's Day only I was the one that was foolish and it wasn't a joke.

I hurriedly set it down on a slightly unstable surface and down it went onto the concrete. When I picked it up and heard the rattle...

91-366 "I love spring anywhere, but if I could choose I would always greet it in a garden."

It's hard not to love all those glorious colors!

90-366 "No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn."

And aren't we glad of that!

89-36 Flowers and embroidery

89-36 Flowers and embroidery, originally uploaded by saralonde.

More daffodils, but the real subject of this shot is the embroidered cloth, done by my mother years ago. I inherited a number of tablecloths, dresser scarves, etc. that she made. Her stitches were absolutely perfect. She learned many years ago in school in Europe where the nuns were very strict about that delicate art!