Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"le chat"

"le chat", originally uploaded by saralonde.

A New Orleans kitty

Saturday, January 23, 2010

"Memphis: Graceland"

"Memphis: Graceland", originally uploaded by saralonde.

Going through some older images that are gathering dust...

Interesting place. I'm not a huge Elvis fan, but if you're in Memphis, it should be seen.

Most of it is self-explanatory. Bottom left is the infamous "Jungle Room", middle are gold records (quite a lot!), and bottom right is his favorite grilled peanut butter and banana sandwich. I had to eat one, being in Graceland and all. Surprisingly not half bad.

"fortune cookie"

"fortune cookie", originally uploaded by saralonde.

This past weekend we did dinner and a movie. Saw "Avatar" (better than I expected) and stopped at the nearby PF Changs. Of course, fortune cookies at the end of the meal. Hope this means a good surprise, not a bad one!


Street, originally uploaded by saralonde.

Friday, January 15, 2010

biscotti and sunlight

biscotti and sunlight, originally uploaded by saralonde.

I realized this shot has several things I love in it: sunshine, coffee (in a HUGE mug), biscotti (this is lemon, coconut, macadamia), and flowers. The best part is I took this yesterday with potted geraniums from this summer that are still blooming in the middle of January!

Take THAT, snow!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

"Who wants to meet me for a coffee and chat in the sun?"

Still have snow on the ground - I lost track of the days - so I'm looking through old shots of sunnier times...

Monday, January 11, 2010

"What to do on a snowy winter day"

A good book, something hot to drink, and a few spring flowers to remind you that the view outside the window will be gone before you know it!

"A Little Bit of Winter"

"A Little Bit of Winter", originally uploaded by saralonde.

Trying to get a winter landscape, I pulled my car off the side of a country road and walked around looking for an opportunity. Despite all the snow, I forgot to wear boots (!) and my frozen feet were not willing to leave the slush on the side of the road to tramp in the snow. Because of that, there is a little more sky and foreground than I wanted and my horizon is too centered.

Guess I'm not willing to sacrifice frostbite for my "art" ;-).

"A Little Bit of Spring"

"A Little Bit of Spring", originally uploaded by saralonde.

For all you snow weary people, of which I am one, a taste of what's to come...


I think.

Fence Soldiers

Fence Soldiers, originally uploaded by saralonde.

I love fences whether they are city, country, ornate or simple.

I don't think of them as barriers, just as photographic opportunities :-)


"Whoops!", originally uploaded by saralonde.

Occasionally it happens when taking down the Christmas tree.