Monday, June 29, 2009

Day 180-365 "Bowl of LImes"

Day 179-365 "Limes All in a Row"

And then they gave up their lives to become mojitos.

Day 178-365 "TtV Daisy"

Friday, June 26, 2009

Day 175-365 "Old Letters"

When my mother died, I found these old letters tied with a netted ribbon, unread for many years. They were the letters of an old boyfriend who had tragically died decades before in war.

A few years later, my mother met my father and fell in love again. Their's was a wonderful marriage; I never saw two people that loved each other so much.

My mother showed me the letters once. She said it was hard to throw away something that proved the existence of a young man whose life was cut short, but remains forever young.

I've never read the letters. Somehow it seems an invasion of privacy, but I suppose keeping them allows everyone to live on in some way.

Not unlike what happens to young women (and men) still today. Some tragedies never change.

Day 174-365 "Pittsburgh"

Wondered how well this would turn out. Taken from a moving car through tinted windows with a point and shoot. The tinted window gave me some strange coloring which took me awhile to fix, and I'm still not quite happy with it. I also had to straighten the image and I added a bit of gaussian blur to the sky to reduce noise.

Not great, but better than I thought it would turn out.

Day 173-365 "Lily Waterdrops"

Day 172-365 "Chocolate Turtle Cake"

Made by my daughter for Father's Day.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Day 168-365 "Floral Still Life"

Day 168-365 "Floral Still Life", originally uploaded by saralonde.

Rainy days mean indoor pics with limited lighting. Hope the sun is back soon.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Day 168-365 "Abandoned Rose #2"

Day 168-365 "Abandoned Rose #2", originally uploaded by saralonde.

Day 167-365 "TtV Vintage Rose"

Day 167-365 "TtV Vintage Rose", originally uploaded by saralonde.

Day 166-365 "Chair #1"

Day 166-365 "Chair #1", originally uploaded by saralonde.

Slightly eerie quality to this one. This actually is not crooked, just taken on a hill. Well, maybe a tiny bit off-kilter ;-).

Finally I'm caught up with my 365s! Now I need to catch up on everyone's flickr streams.

Day 165-365 "Pink Rose"

Day 165-365 "Pink Rose", originally uploaded by saralonde.

This was a quick late night snap of a flower on a table next to me. I almost forgot to take a pic today! Dark room made me turn on my lamp (ghetto lighting!) and open up my lens. This being my second year of a 365 you'd think I'd remember...

Day 164-365 "Great Day for Hockey!"

After losing last year to Detroit, they beat them this year.

A Super Bowl win and a Stanley Cup all in one year! Pittsburgh, City of Champions!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Day 163-365 "An Array of Roses"

Day 163-365 "An Array of Roses", originally uploaded by saralonde.

Just a sampling of what I pick every day or two from my rose garden. I spread them all over my house so I can enjoy them in almost every room.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Day 162-365 "Candy Dish"

Day 162-365 "Candy Dish", originally uploaded by saralonde.

Chocolate with peanut butter on a Limoge dish. A slightly more elegant type of peanut butter cup.

Day 161-365 "Life is just a bowl..."

Day 160-365 "Waiting for Coffee"

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Day 159-365 "Peony and Linen"

Day 159-365 "Peony and Linen", originally uploaded by saralonde.

Well, the peonies are in full bloom, so I really, really have to take pics of them. I set this on a piece of linen with the design handmade by my mom. She made it as a young woman with beautiful cutwork and hand stitching. Over the years the linen has become incredibly soft and silky and I'm happy to say it has held up extremely well.

Talented and artistic woman, my mother.

Day 158-365 "Door Entrance"

Day 158-365 "Door Entrance", originally uploaded by saralonde.

Once in awhile you still see these inlaid marble floors in the doorway to a small store. It's a shame when they tear these out to improve and modernize an entrance. I love the beauty of the patrterns and marvel at how well they hold up.

Day 157-365 "Mail Slot"

Day 157-365 "Mail Slot", originally uploaded by saralonde.

I have a post box by the side of the road in front of my house. I have tried to photograph it and make it look interesting, but, alas, it is a boring subject.

This simple mail slot in an old door, however, is far more intriguing. Sometimes older is better.

Day 156-365 "Small Town Gazebo"

Day 156-365 "Small Town Gazebo", originally uploaded by saralonde.

I adore small town America. If you are looking for Norman Rockwellesque feeling that we have lost in our 21st century world, explore a small town or two. Luckily, I'm surrounded by them.

This one is Beaver, PA. The gazebo, however, was built by Hollywood-types that found this was a perfect small town that was lacking a "Music Man"-type centerpiece that is quintessentially Americana. So Ron Howard had them build a gazebo for the movie "Gung Ho".

Notice the red, white and blue bunting on the house in the back. Movie set perfect!

Day 154-365 "Abandoned Rose"

Day 154-365 "Abandoned Rose", originally uploaded by saralonde.

Could make an interesting story...

Or maybe I should do a whole series on roses in strange places so I have a reason to keep shooting them, LOL ;-).

Day 154-365 Orchid

Day 154-365 Orchid, originally uploaded by saralonde.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Day 154-365 Orchid

Day 154-365 Orchid, originally uploaded by saralonde.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Day 153-365 "Tea Stained Roses"

Day 153-365 "Tea Stained Roses", originally uploaded by saralonde.

Sorry about all the rose pictures, but my rose bushes are bursting with blooms and I'm enjoying them so much :-).

Monday, June 1, 2009

Day 152-365 "English Roses"

Day 152-365 "English Roses", originally uploaded by saralonde.

My David Austin English roses are blooming. Possibly my favorite time of the gardening year :-).

They have that wonderful old world fragrance that seem to have been bred right out of today's roses.